Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My 5's

I was invited by one of my favorite bloggers Jess at Jessie Jo at Home to do
a blogger interview! I have never done this before.
I am not much of a blogger, but have been thinking about it
because I love reading them!!!

5 Things I am Passionate About...
  1. Colby and Kalli Hoskovec, my kids! I thank God everyday for them. I cannot imagine my life without them. 7 years ago I was told that I should not have any more children because of health issues. I had people tell me very bluntly that that was it for me. It broke my heart. I was very thankful for a energetic little boy, but always dreamed of having a big family. When I got pregnant with our daughter Kalli, I was scared but thankful and happy.
  2. Troy my husband is my best friend and the only person I can tell anything and everything too.  I am passionate to help him in anything he needs and to stand by his side, even if it involves his ornery smile!
  3. Ranch and Country Life! I grew up on a ranch and continue to help on that ranch today. I am so grateful and passionate for my children to learn the lessons and way of life of the countryside. We lived in town for 8 years and it was a small town, but still a town. Town life has its advantages but there is nothing like the quietness, peacefulness, and the enjoyment that comes from being in the country. Animals play into that as well, horses, cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and ducks.
  4. Family is a passion as well. Both Troy and I have wonderful families and nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than spending time laughing and usually eating with family. We have debated moving before but live close to family and couldn't imagine it any other way.
  5.  Creativity. I enjoy creating new things from photography to wood projects. I am in love with Pinterest because it gives me new ideas!!
5 Things I want to Do Before I Die... 

I have a long list here because even though I am only the young age of 31, ; ) I do have a bucket list! 
Some of these seem simple and I don't know why I have not done them already but hey life is busy right?! 
  1. Ride on an airplane and or helicopter. 
  2. Take a train ride through the mountains. Well any train ride would be good.
  3. Go golfing. This is kind of funny because I live 5 miles from a nice golf course but I am paranoid about doing it.
  4. Go sky diving!  It scares me, but I would like to try it.
  5. Go snorkeling.   
Side note...  One of my goals I wanted to do before I died was have some sort of college degree 
and play the music...
I accomplished that in May 2013. 
I am very proud of myself and was happy to scratch that off my list.
5 Things I Say A LOT...
  1. Do you have clothes on?
  2. Quit saying that!
  3. Woo Hoo!
  4. No poop, fart, burp talk at the table.
  5. Good Job, I am so Proud of you!
5 Books/Magazines You Read A Lot...
  1. Woman's Day
  2. Good House Keeping
  3. The Wauneta Breeze, our local paper.
  4. The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
  5. Facebook, Blogs, Pinterest... Oh wait that probably doesn't count but I don't read much.
5 Places I would LOVE to Travel...
Here is another topic that I need more than 5, but hey here are a few of my favorites!
  1. Niagara Falls with my husband Troy. I went there in high school on a trip, but I have it on my bucket list to go there. I have to agree with Jess that it would be so romantic to go there with your spouse.
  2. Montana. The Big Sky Country. It is another place that since Troy and I have been together we have always talked about seeing.
  3. Las Vegas, baby! I am not a gambler, but I would love to see all the sights and lights! While I was there I also wanted to go to the National Finals Rodeo!
  4. Overseas... I am leaving this general because I want to go to SO MANY places over seas. Australia, Ireland, Italy, France, just to name a few.
  5. A white sandy beach with blue water. Doesn't matter where really, maybe Jamaica! 
Thanks so much for asking me to do this Jess! Maybe I will try to link up some more!