Tuesday, June 18, 2013

People Amaze Me

People in this World Amaze ME!

In both Good and Bad ways.

I think some most days we see the bad much more than the good, but it is there too!
Which should I hit you with first the good or the bad?
I always think the bad first to end on a good note, so here we go...


First of all Facebook is great for connecting with friends, but some people on there are a pain in the booty! You know what I am talking about!  
The people that post things and you think really you are sharing this for the whole world to see!
Then those people who do not respond back to your messages on facebook.
Do they not realize that you can see that they have SEEN the message!
Also if you tell me you cannot come to my event but then post a bunch of pictures of yourself on facebook, don't make stupid excuses the next time I see you!

People in the World that think they are better than you, but really if they look at themselves in the mirror they have the same issues I do! 
Be real with yourself people, we all have issues! Yes, you don't need to share every problem with everyone, thank you, but don't act like you have none!

People who make promises, but don't keep them!
Don't get me wrong it has happened to me too and I understand that things can't always happen, but don't give countless promises me or my kids!

Ugh I could go on and on? What are some of your ISSUES with people?


Living in a small town my whole life I use to think I hated it. 
The saying if you don't know what your doing, someone else does.
It is true there is a lot of gossip, but if you are in need of anything there is people to help you.
People with a smile! People with a wave! People who will help if you are broke down!
There are GOOD People!

The good people who care for my children!
Teachers, para's, bus drivers, Sunday school teachers, Bible School helpers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, friends and all the others I am forgetting right now! Even people who my kids look up too and the people don't even realize it. It amazes me people who out of no where doing something nice for a child. Thank you!

People who take the time to sit down and listen!

People who give you a hug, I am not a big hugger, but there are those moments!

People who can make you laugh!

Here is another category that I could go on and on about!
I have to remind myself for every bad person out there, I did not even mention the people on the news, there is a GOOD person!
I think I am going to take a note from the southerners and tell the next person who bugs me,
"Bless Your Heart."
Smile and Walk Away

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