Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A little bit of craziness!

My CrAzy Life!

Do you ever feel like your life is in fast forward. I do!
Don't get me wrong, I love my life for the most part except for moments of stress, 
but we all have that, right?!?!  : )
Right now I am trying to...
Finish up a college class to graduate with an associate degree, yeah!
Work on a FAMILY ranch!
Raise two children!
Keep a home some what clean.
Have a happy relationship with my husband, who is putting in lots of hours at work and 
leaves at 7 AM and gets home at 9 PM!
Workout to lose 30lbs.
Have a little bit of a social life... (OK maybe just check out a blog and play on Facebook!)

Yes I realize there are others who have more on their plates than me, but there are moments when I want to pull my hair out and scream! And as I type this I think really why am I making this into a big deal that is nothing compared to the troubles in our world today.
There are those moments when it makes everything disappear.
Here are a few glimpses of some smiley moments that make the stress start to melt away!

 My cute kids!
It was a Saturday night after a long day and we were going to camp out in the living room. All 4 of us!
The kids wanted to wear Daddy t-shirts for bed time so off they went to our bedroom. Here they came back in Daddy's underwear! : )

Spring Farming.
Farming is not my favorite part of ranch life, but it must be done to provide.
It is a quite time by yourself and it is amazing to see your crops grow and provide nourishment for your animals.

 Nebraska Weather!
Who would guess the last week of March, first part of April that the weather was so nice you would get a sunburn and my kids would run through the sprinkler. It might have been a little bit cold and it did not last long, but they loved it! Oh did I mention since then it has snowed two different times!!!

 A healthy calf, with a milk mustache!
My favorite part of ranch life is working with the calves! I love seeing little calves running and jumping.

 The hubs, who loves the camera!

Our cat thought he needed a little attention.

 Colby and Kalli being a part of ranch life! I love that my kids are getting the opportunity to be apart of farm life. I love that they are learning about responsibilities and seeing that even though it is hard work it pays off!

Kalli and I had to make a quick trip and were able to stop into Cabela's in Sidney, NE for a few minutes. Kalli had not been here since she was a baby and she was mesmerized by the animals.
It put a smile on my face to see her loving all the wild animals in the store!!

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