Friday, March 1, 2013

Things That Make Me SMILE

What makes you smile?

When you are having a bad day or having a hard time in your life, you HAVE to find
something to make you smile. 

My Goal:
Once a week share something with you that makes me smile!

Below is a picture of my mom and one of my great nieces.
I have been unable to work for the last few weeks and it has been difficult for me. You see it is calving season for my family and one of my FAVORITE times of year.
Even though it takes A LOT of work the enjoyment of seeing a tiny little baby calf is great.
I have not been able to help with it, so I had a chance to drive my dad around and things 
were not going the best that day for them. Which made me feel worse because I can't lift
a calf or anything to help.

But from a distance I could hear laughter and giggles!
A child's laughter is priceless!
Seeing her great grandma laugh and having fun with her,
even more priceless!
I stopped the pickup and took this pic on my phone because I wanted to remember to smile!


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