Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful November Day 1-5

With November comes Thanksgiving, which makes us think of what are we thankful for, I know for me my list is HUGE.  I am going to share with all of you my thankful list for November, but really should have a thankful post everyday of the year.

1. Thankful for my wonderful husband of 10 years. I am so proud to be his wife and that he is my best friend! I am one lucky woman!
 2. Thankful for my son Colby Jay Michael Hoskovec. My 8 year old was my first born and loves to make people laugh. He tries hard at everything he does and I can already tell he will be a hard worker. I am proud of him everyday and I can't wait to see the man he grows up to be, but not to fast!

 Day 3- I'm thankful for my baby girl Kalli Patricia Hoskovec. My little girl has grown so much, changed, and matured into a smart little Kindergartener. She loves art and is a little bit shy in trying new things, but when she does her smile and eye can melt your heart. She is not only beautiful but incredible. 

 Day 4- I am thankful for my Mother, Joan Maddux. She is a woman who can deal with anything and if you need anything she has it or can get it for you. She is a hardworking and tough woman, who enjoys having an adventure. She loves her children and grandchildren and teaches them all so much.

Day 5 I am thankful for my brother Mike Maddux. He is an amazing man and someone I look up too. I am thankful I get to see him almost daily and proud of the things he has overcome. He is intelligent and I feel could do anything not only in the cattle and farming business, but anything he put his mind too. I am thankful my children get to grow up learning from him.

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