Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful 11-15

 Day 11- Today I am thankful for my in-laws. I am very lucky to have gotten a wonderful group of people. They welcomed me into their lives 10 years ago and I am blessed to have them. I don't know what I would do without all of them. I of course do not have pictures of all of them, but here is a few!

 Day 12- I am thankful for my health. Even though it is not the best, it keeps me going strong and knowing I can't give up. It has made Troy and I a stronger couple and it helps you to recognize what is important in your life. It helps to remind me to count my blessings!
 Day 13- I am thankful for my friends! The ones I talk to every week, my facebook friends, and the ones who I only talk to every couple of years, I am thankful for you all. You listen to me as I vent or answer my questions. You are there for me when I need it and I truly appreciate it.It is amazing how you can go a long time without talking to a friend and still be able to visit.

 Day 14- I am thankful for the teachers, aides, lunch staff, school bus drivers, and everyone else that works at Wauneta-Palisade Schools! They are amazing people! They are helping me with my children to grow into wonderful people and I appreciate all they do. I can't say thank you enough!
Day 15- I am thankful for the ladies who help with the Lord's Joyful Singers! They are helping to educate my children about God and that is one of the most important things they can learn. Thank you for volunteering your time Dawn Applegarth Doetker, Diana Ham, Donna Applegarth, Sara Todd Bardsley, and everyone else who donates time or snacks to the kiddos!

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