Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pour Your Heart Out!

Things I Can't say

The day started out so good, kids up, husband up, everyone dressed and ready to take on the day!
Everyone happy and then we left the house, ha!
But really my daughter and I headed to our MOPS meeting. Can I tell you how much I love MOPS? If you are not in a MOPS group you should be, but maybe I am just lucky to have some great ladies. 

After MOPS I took my daughter and my 4 year old great niece to meet the bus to go to preschool. (My daughter tried preschool in September and ended up crying everyday, so I pulled her out and thought we would try again after Christmas.) The girls were so happy, telling each other how they loved each other and that they like each others backpacks. I put them on the bus and they both kissed and hugged me. : ) So far a wonderful, happy day!

I went and got groceries all by myself.
I read the paper by myself.
I worked on school work by myself.
In fact I slowly drifted into a nap on the couch with the sun beaming in on my, all by myself!

I woke up and walked into the other room realizing I slept through my phone ringing. I quickly called the school and they told me my sweet little four year old was sick. ( The school is 25 minutes away!) My husband is calling saying the school called him and wondering what I was doing to miss the call.

I rush out the door and speed my way to preschool. My father in law lives 2 miles from the school and he went and rescued my little baby. When I get there she is happily playing and watching cartoons. I ask do you feel ok? Ya she says.
Ugh she cried her way out of school again. I forcefully take her home, she was crying again, wanting to stay with grandpa. I pick my son up from 2cnd grade and he throws a fit because he wants a snack from town and I say no, which in turns starts my daughter crying again. 

We get home, ahh, home sweet home. But no the kids decide today is the day to fight, scream, yell, argue and do anything to bring my stress level, WAY UP! I said no t.v, which in turn brings more tears. I walk outside to do a simple task, which I did not succeed in doing. 
I comment on facebook about how preschool is not working so well for my daughter and of course I have a gazillion comments, mostly good, but a few made me think why did I even say anything on facebook. 

My feelings I don't know what to do. I am a mom and there is not always a right answer and not every kid is the same. We all have to have days that are stressing, but why me today, when it started so good. I know it could be worse, but today made me go CRAZY!

Thanks for listening to me Pour My Heart Out!


  1. Ugh. We all have days like this. We just have to do the best we can and decide what works for our kids.

  2. Thank you so much for the nice comment.

  3. Aaaaahhhh...these are the days that make us reach for a glass of wine. I'm glad you got that time by yourself and sorry it all went south afterward! Here's hoping for better days, or at least a nice glass of vino! :)

  4. Oh no... those days are no fun.
    A nice glass of wine and a good blog are just the fix!

    Take care of YOU!