Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jewelry Bag with a compartmet!

Have you ever seen these cute little jewelry bags? I have and thought I bet these would be extremely difficult to make, but I am here to tell you they are not! I made a couple for friends and have plans on making more. They would make a terrific gift.

  Materials Needed:
2 fabric pieces size 11" x 11"
2 fabric pieces size 8" x 8"
chord or ribbon, 2 pieces, 30" each

Tools needed:
sewing machine or needle and thread
pencil or pen
something to draw circles with (I'll be using a dinner plate and a rubber maid container)
pencil compass or silver dollar

Step 1:  Lay the fabric you want for the outside of the bag down with the wrong side up. Place your plate on the fabric and draw around it. My plate was 10 5/8" across. Draw a second circle on a coordinating fabric. Cut them both out.

Repeat the same process with the smaller pieces of fabric and cut them both out. The measurements of my smaller bowl was 7 7/8" across.

 Step 2:  With right sides together, sew the 2 large circles together leaving 1/4" around the outside. Leave an opening of a little of 1".

Cut a few small notches in the seam allowance to help it lay flat. Be careful not to cut seam.

Turn right side out through the opening. Make sure it is all pushed out and looks like a circle. Hand sew the opening closed.

Repeat the process with the smaller circles. 

Step 3: Find the center of the large piece by folding it in half and then a quarter and putting a pin in the center. Open the circle up and put a X where the pin was at. Repeat with the smaller circle.

Step 4: Next use a circular object or a compass to draw a 1 1/2" circle across the center of the smaller circle. Using the X as the center point.
Step 5: Place the smaller circle on top of the larger circle with the X's matching up. You might want to put a pin in the X's to match them up. Make sure the circle you drew is facing up. Sew the larger and smaller circles together by stitching over the circle you drew.

Step 6: I didn't take pictures of me measuring and drawing lines, but in this step you want to use a ruler and draw marks to identify your compartments.

You will need to use pins or eye ball it and make 6 pie sections in the smaller circle and draw them out. the pie sections should be approximately 3 5/8" apart.

For each section you are going to sew from the circle you made in the previous step to outer edge of the small circle. 

Step 7: Next step is the drawstring. Just outside of the smaller circle, sew a complete circle, be careful not to catch the smaller circle while stitching.
Sew a second seam about 3/8" out from the first seam. Be careful to stay the same distance all the way around.

Now cut a small slit on the outside fabric only, in between the two seams. With a needle and thread reinforce the opening with a whip stitch.

Place a safety pin on your ribbon or chord and work it through the channel all the way around. Pull the ribbon up and you have just complete your new jewelery bag.

This bag could be used for so many different things from jewelry bag to sewing notions. You can make it bigger also. Hope this post helps inspire you!
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