Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cleaning Tip

 Who out there is not falling in love with Pinterest?
I have to admit it is becoming one of my nightly habits.

But how can it not when you can find great tips like how to clean your stovetop easily.

I found the following tip from one of my favorite new blogs

 I have to be honest, I really did not think this was going to work as good as did, but I will for sure continue to use.
Place your burner pans in ziplock bags with a little bit of ammonia and seal them shut.

I started this after supper and after lunch I took them out (about 18 hours) and with very little effort did they come clean. My two burners I use the most I had to use a little bit of elbow grease, but nothing like you would normally do.

I took the whole stove top apart and gave it a good cleaning!

Living is a small town you take advantage of opportunities that occur. We have a truck that comes every couple of months to take items to the Goodwill. I came up with 2 garage sacks and a milk box full. Plus a box and small sack of kids clothes for a friend. 

I love having a cleaner home, don't you?

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