Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Easy Organization Tips

I am always looking for organizing tips! Here are a few great ones I found!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Big ♥

 I have a Big Heart! Ok maybe this isn't the correct title, but I do have a big heart for somethings in life.  In life I have been burned many times, you all know what I am talking about, those people who you open your heart up to and then IT happens!  Trust me I could write a blog itself of the things that have happened in the past to my husband and I (he has a bigger heart than me and still trusts everyone!)It has made me leery to open myself up to people, don't get me wrong I still have great friends it just takes me a little bit really open up to people.  
But back to this post, I do have an ENORMOUS heart for something and that is.......
Thank goodness we finally moved to a farm a 1 1/2 ago, so I can get some animals to be apart of our family. I like to blame it on the kids or my husband when we get something new, but I love them all and since usually I am the one who takes care of them, they each do have a piece of my heart!

Let me introduce you to the brood:

Shadow our Old Dog

Bryan the Loud Dog

Stuie the Fish, Santa brought him!

Our bucket calves JP and Lucky!

16 Hens a few have names, like Red Feather and Henny Penny.

8  baby chicks, a few of these also have names, but they change!

Our newest dog Tuff! He is not tough at all but the people that had him named him that and he is a great dog!

Our hamster Stella, careful she bites!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Don't let NO stop you!

The simple word NO!  It can be very scary, but why it is just a word, don't let the word NO stop you from something you really want! Don't let it stop your motivation! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring=Crazy weather!

Spring brings BEAUTIFUL flowers!

Spring brings branding calves and lots of work!

Spring brings the start of mowing again! Our yard is HUGE, so some days it can be difficult!
Spring brings crazy weather in Nebraska! In the last month we have had snow, wind, rain, wind, 90 degree days, wind, 30 degree days, and oh did I mention the WIND!

Spring bring family time outside, which to my family is the BEST!