Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What does a snow day bring You?

Glue on a dolls head and try to attempt to patch my husbands jeans.  My sewing machine, is not working so well, to put it nicely, maybe I could use the glue gun on it too??

CRAZY KIDS who stay in there PJs all day.  Hey I would be too, but had to go out in the cold and pull start my husband this morning, there is a post for another day!

Finding toys in odd places, oh wait this is an everyday occurrence.

Having the house look like complete chaos! Ahh Motherhood!


  1. No snow in CA!! Great blog! Loving these hops!

    Hop on by when you get a chance!

    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e

  2. My house looks like chaos even when we're not snowed in! Hope your weather improves!