Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pour Your Heart Out!

I am a WORRIER!  
Yes I am not ashamed to admit it, in fact I have been my whole life it did not just happen when I had kids.  My whole family is worriers, ya not a great family trait to have.

BUT being a mom just adds to the worrying doesn't it!

You constantly worry, in fact while I am writing this I am think I have been on the computer for an hour, while my kids are watching tv, eating dry cereal out of a bowl and entertaining themselves.  Do my kids have to much TV time?  Ha that is easy question to answer, YES!  Do I leave them by themselves to much while I am working on school work, working on my at home business, and playing online?  I am just in the next room and I can see them (MOST OF THE TIME!) ; )

My oldest child is running a low grade temp and is sneezing, I think NO not ANOTHER cold, but then you debate sending them to school.  I am keeping him home, for his sake and the other kids, but the temp is only 98, I should have sent him.  Maybe I just wanted to cuddle with him.  He probably would have been fine. See we as moms even worry about the decisions we make are right or wrong or even how to make a decision on the situation.  


My other worry right now, since I am sharing, hadn't been a worry until my before mentioned son told me it was his worry.  He is about to turn 7 and has not lost any of his baby teeth.  Of course he told me, 
So now he is always saying I think my tooth is loose, I say oh ya, but really no not loose at all.  Now I worry should he be loosing teeth, am I a bad mom for being a liar to my son!  I mean he will loose them sooner than later.  Do I need to go visit the dentist?
OH the crazy life of a mom, why worry over silly little things.  I think there is some kind of saying about don't worry about the little things and I try not to or I at least pretend like they don't to save my families sanity! Thanks for listening to me and don't worry I will be fine!!!

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  1. Worrying comes along with being a mom, doesn't it?

  2. It's amazing how much worry comes along with having a child, isn't it? I think it just gets worse, too, the older they get!!

  3. Worrying is part of the job requirements! I kept my oldest home form our homeschool group on Wednesday. No fever, just too scared to get other kids sick. He probably would have been fine too. :)

  4. BTW, I stopped by from Shell's PYHO link. :)